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All About Events takes immense pride in its selection of the Ronald McDonald House of Camden, New Jersey, as our chosen philanthropic partner. Our Owner and CEO, Sarah Zaun, developed a personal connection and bond with the Ronald McDonald House during her time at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia when she was anticipating the arrival of her daughter. Despite not needing the facility herself, she was deeply touched by the care, support, and welcoming living conditions it provided to families in need.

Sarah encountered numerous families who depended on the Ronald McDonald House, prompting her and the entire All About Events firm to embark on a journey of giving back to and supporting the CHOP community. This commitment involves contributing time and resources, including the preparation of homemade dinners and the organization of various activities throughout the year. Our firm collaborates to create comprehensive dinner menus and participate in activities such as crafting homemade blankets for families to gift to their child who is undergoing treatment at the hospital. Our mission is to ensure these families feel cared for and remembered. Through these endeavors, we discover a profound sense of fulfillment.