Sarah Zaun

Owner & Executive Planner

Sarah opened the doors of All About Events back in 2006. With extensive training in catering, event management, wedding planning and leadership, Sarah has successfully built All About Events to offer a wide range of event related services such as wedding planning, venue management, off-premises catering and festival planning. Sarah has planned events all over the world including the Caribbean, Europe and throughout the United States.

Maryann Doyle

Financial Director

A graduate of Penn State University, Maryann has more than fifteen years of experience in the accounting and bookkeeping field. Initially, while staying at home to raise her two daughters, Maryann began working for All About Events six years ago through a part-time bookkeeping position. As her daughters blossomed into two beautiful young girls, and as the company of All About Events grew, Maryann transitioned into a full-time position this year!
Christina Hentrch 3

Sales Manager

Christina is not just someone who embodies a tireless work ethic with impeccable attention to detail, but she is also a promise. A promise that you will receive the absolute best of everything, as she shares her expertise you will need to inspire your guests, together with recommending preferred partners. Christina truly believes she has her dream job. She LOVES what she does and it shows! When she’s not planning seamless soirees, she can be found planning her big day.

Bree Tomar

Executive Planner

With more than 10 years of event planning experience, Bree is still eager to learn, grow and have fun with each new client. She has planned everything from fashion shows, festivals, and fundraisers to birthday parties, weddings, mitzvahs and beyond! Bree draws daily inspiration from the unique love story that leads every couple to the altar, working closely with clients to fulfill their vision and create the perfect wedding day.

Stevie Martin-Daley

Event Operations Director

Stevie’s journey to the hospitality industry is anything short of unique. Initially pursuing interests in the medical field, Stevie found her niche in serving others. Stevie began working as a waitress in the past, and has experienced career advancement through the management chain for over 8 years. Stevie’s eye for aesthetically pleasing design, and foreknowledge of event functionality bring a well-rounded approach to All About Events.

Bridgid Stackhouse

Event Planner & Venue Representative

Bridgid discovered her passion for catering and hospitality as a server in restaurants and banquet halls, following as an Event Manager at a private event venue. With over 7 years of experience, and with an Associate’s degree in Hospitality Management in-hand, Bridgid is more than ready to take on your event needs! In her free time, you can find Bridgid with her boyfriend, Mike, and with her loved ones, and taking her dog, Mr. Frodo for long walks throughout the city.

Crystal Xu

Event Planner

Gaining valuable experience from studying and working abroad, Crystal believes the power of language and cultural background is significant in building strong relationships. As a result of the fast-paced hospitality industry, Crystal is quick to adapt to new situations and able to think on her feet. When Crystal is not planning an event, she is often traveling the world with her wanderlust boyfriend.

Hailey Lawler

Executive Assistant

Hailey found passion for event planning after attending her first wedding a couple of years ago, as she fell in love with the idea of making someone’s special day one to remember for a lifetime. Her dedication to clients is evident, as she will go above and beyond ensuring everything is executed to perfection. In her free time, you can find Hailey exploring Philadelphia and spending time with friends and family.​

Elise Carlson

Director of Business Development

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