The Launch of City Kitchen

The time has come! We are so excited to launch our blog for you and with you! For those of you who know us, I am sure you have been part of the City Kitchen’s journey at one point or another in the last few months, but for those of you who may have never visited or heard of us, here is your chance. 

Located inside the famous Reading Terminal Market, we were recently re-branded as City Kitchen in the fall of 2014. Our kitchen is designed as a home kitchen with a couple of abnormalities. The stovetop in the center of the island cuts across the width of the kitchen to allow for a classroom feel and instructional capabilities during demonstrations and the sinks are located on the far walls to allow for maximum use of the island. Within the last few months, City Kitchen has become a destination within a destination for the Boys and Girls Club of Philadelphia, Merchants of the Market both during and after hours, Chefs and Nutritionists throughout the city and guests of every generation and walk of life. 

Our bold orange and green logo is plastered along the paneled windows and on the pale yellow walls. The Kitchen brightens up the back corner of the Reading Terminal Market and pops in the eyes of passing guests, you basically can’t miss us even if you tried. 

Recently, we collaborated with the All About Events team to create some concepts to attract a diverse crowd and manipulate the space to maximize the functionalities of the Kitchen. Some of the concepts translated into options that widened our target market to include interests of large groups of people who are not necessarily focused on receivinga culinary education but would like to include something from the culinary world into their events. 

A success story has been the culinary team building activity titled CK: Chopped. If your first thought was the fast paced, intense cooking competition on television, then you’re on the right track. Each session varies slightly but it has appealed to groups and teams of all sizes from different industries, (essentially, it’s a great day out of the office). Themed date nights are an example of ticketed events and they are growing in popularityand mostly held after closing hours at the Market, the goal is to give the typical date night model a slight twist with Philly centric food items or global cuisine themes. 

In terms of demonstrations, they typically are free, open to the public and led by an in-house team member or, on special occasions, an independent chef from outside the Market. A fun example was when Chef Paul McCormick from the Community College of Philadelphia took over City Kitchen on St. Patrick’s Day to share the spirit with guests of the Market over some Irish Beef Stew and a very poor attempt at a Gaelic accent. (Stay tuned for a throwback post on that one!) 

We proudly represent the Reading Terminal Market’s food scene as well as its bonds with the culinary community through chefs, culinary institutions and hospitality businesses in and around the city. Lest we forget to mention, City Kitchen is a BYOB location so bring your own booze to any of the classes or events and let’s get the party started! 

Our Best,